im gonna cosplay teenage dirtbag chihiro


im gonna sing “paparazzi” to a naeggi

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by 切餅鮭子

AU where the High School Life of Mutual Killing doesn’t happen, and where Naegi and Chihiro crosses paths again later in their lives. Chihiro is now working as a freelance programmer, known around the world for their expertise, while Naegi works for a local lawyer office. Both of them meet up a few times for a coffee at a local coffee shop near Naegi’s work place, and after a few meetings, Naegi finally asks Chihiro if they would consider him as a potential boyfriend. (Chihiro says yes, of course)



Naehiro drabble.

Title: Sempiternal

Word count: 453

Author’s note: Based on the song “Sakura Nagashi” by Utada Hikaru, also known as the theme song for the animated movie “Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo”. This takes place after the events of the first game and contains spoilers for the game’s second chapter and onwards.

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because i am naehiro loving trash the other person of my choice is also naegi

- mod naegi


How about a non-despair AU where the boys are asked to invite the girls to the school’s dance and, thanks to a twist of fate, Naegi is forced to ask Chihiro out. However, it is at the dance, when seeing Chihiro dancing happily that Naegi realizes that, in the end, he’s more than happy to be here with Chihiro. (They also share a slow dance together, with Chihiro whispering “Thank you” in the middle of it.)



miiverse doodles

School Mode: Fujisaki Chihiro (text)

Fairytale AU where Naegi is the prince of a foreign kingdom and Chihiro is a wanted criminal after successfully stealing some papers from the archives. Of course, both of them cross paths and Naegi ends up pretending Chihiro is royalty in a neighbor kingdom. Ultimately, the lie is discovered and they are seperated, with Naegi begging to have Chihiro back. Only fate will tell the end of this tale.


How about an AU where Naegi accidentally finds an old laptop in the trash and upon turning it on, discovers that the laptop actually contains an AI named “FUJISAKI Chihiro”? And what if it just so happens that the two befriend one another and Naegi falls in love with Chihiro despite the whole AI thing?