School Mode: Fujisaki Chihiro (text)

Fairytale AU where Naegi is the prince of a foreign kingdom and Chihiro is a wanted criminal after successfully stealing some papers from the archives. Of course, both of them cross paths and Naegi ends up pretending Chihiro is royalty in a neighbor kingdom. Ultimately, the lie is discovered and they are seperated, with Naegi begging to have Chihiro back. Only fate will tell the end of this tale.


How about an AU where Naegi accidentally finds an old laptop in the trash and upon turning it on, discovers that the laptop actually contains an AI named “FUJISAKI Chihiro”? And what if it just so happens that the two befriend one another and Naegi falls in love with Chihiro despite the whole AI thing?



I don’t care who you ship with Chihiro, just imagine Chihiro clinging on them like a koala while they’re sleeping


Naehiro AU where Naegi and Chihiro run away from Hope’s Peak Academy for a week, after things turn sour when Chihiro reveals their secret. Imagine them just riding the train away from Towa City, spending time together and forgetting all of their worries for a few days.



A few years after the Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Event in the History of Mankind happened, Komaru came across an old photo album of her brother’s old class, eventually coming across a picture of Chihiro and Makoto hugging, eyes closed and big smiles painted on their face. When she asks him about the person in the picture, Makoto replies, on a somewhat pained tone that it was: “Just a lover of mine.” but then, Komaru remarks that that person is wearing what seems to be a ring that once belonged to their mother. Makoto doesn’t brush it off, but simply closes the discussion with: “I loved them. But sometimes, love can not survive anything. Not destruction, at least.”



Okay so

I’m about to share some Naehiro headcanons because well I can

SDR2 spoilers are under the cut! (Yes, you read that right.) ^.^

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"o hey dere chihiro how u doin u look gooood"

AU where Chihiro lives, except Naegi is near death, but Chihiro witnessed him muttering and breathing slowly, and couldn't do anything to help him. Except. Just cry, watching his was future boyfriend die in his arms. While Chihiro confesses his love

Oh my God, poor little cuties… I want that as a fic!! ;;


Naegi and Chihiro sharing Chihiro’s bed for a night, as a mini flood happened in Naegi’s bathroom and drowned most of his room. When Naegi finally returns to his room, Chihiro spends the following nights sleeping peacefully, comforted by the scent of Naegi’s hair.